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Click here to listen to the current edition of Ask WWCR!

What is "Ask WWCR"?

Now in it's 23rd year, this bi-weekly show on WWCR is hosted by various members of the WWCR Staff.

Ask WWCR is based primarily on your questions. You can hear inside information regarding the station's operations, meet employees, and hear about other things at WWCR.

Many other interesting topics, mostly about the wonderful world of shortwave radio are also discussed.

Do you have a question?

We really want to hear from you. There are two ways to submit questions for the show:

P-Mail: Send your questions via postal mail to:
      Ask WWCR
      1300 WWCR Ave.
      Nashville, TN 37218

E-Mail: Direct your questions for the show to:

Please note; this e-mail address is used only for the show itself and not for general correspondence or business.

Due to the sheer volume of mail we receive, there may be no e-mail reply to your questions-but we request your input on the show, and any type of questions you may have.
We read every piece of correspondence that you send us, and will do our best to respond to it on the show!

Ask WWCR schedule:

Ask WWCR airs at various times which are not occupied by paid broadcasting. Please check the WWCR Program Guide for the current broadcast schedule.

Topics for the Current Edition of Ask WWCR:
Program #585 (February 23, 2024 - March 8, 2024)

  • Recent reception reports.

Listen or Download The Current Edition Now:

Click here to listen to the current edition of Ask WWCR!

Ask WWCR's Proud Sponsors:

Universal Radio
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a shortwave superstore!

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